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Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

Now you’ve got your fabulous hair extensions, how do you look after them to keep them in top condition?

Correct aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of your hair extensions and to help prolong their life. It is important to not only follow the correct advice, but to also use the correct and recommended products. Failure to follow correct aftercare advice could cause damage to the hair extensions and decrease their lifespan.

At Atelier Hair Extensions we’ve put together a hair extension aftercare guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to caring for your hair.

Secure hair extensions before sleeping

Always use supplier recommended products

Brush hair gently, especially around the bonds

Never sleep with hair extensions damp or wet

Avoid chlorine as this can dry the hair

When on holiday avoid sea water

pool water can damage the hair

Treat extensions regulalry to an oil treatment

Cover hair when using a sun bed

Too long exposure to the sun ca cause dryness

Attend regular maintenance appointments

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