LA Weave Hair Extensions

As a new, revolutionary method of adding length and volume, LA Weave hair extensions are perfect for transforming all hair types. Free from glue, heat, bonds, plaits and braids, there will be absolutely no damage to your natural hair.

Why Choose LA Weave Extensions

It has proved to be a very popular method of application. It’s a very small ring that attaches to your hair and is clamped down with your new hair extension. The rings we use have a silicone lining inside to strengthen and protect the bond. Our micro ring hair extensions come in a variety of colours so will perfectly blend with your own hair colour. The key to flawless hair extensions is the colour match. The way the hair blends is so important, that is if this is slightly off it’ll give the game away completely. No-one should know you’ve got hair extensions in but you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the seamless application process of the LA Weave, hair extensions take just one hour to fit, making it one of the quickest methods to add length and volume.

We would always recommend booking an appointment every 6 to 10 weeks to maintain your LA Weave hair extensions, depending on how quick your natural hair grows. During maintenance appointments, the extensions will be removed and refitted.

When booking your LA Weave, you are free to choose between 44 different colours, along with six ombre styles. Atelier will always work with you to ensure that your extensions perfectly match your natural hair for a seamless appearance.

If your extensions are well-maintained and remain in immaculate condition, the hair used for your LA Weave will last anywhere from six to nine months before a replacement is required.

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