Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano rings are the most advanced hair extension system; they are the smallest micro ring system in the world with the Nano rings being 90% smaller and less detectable than standard micro rings.
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About Nano Ring Extensions

Like the micro ring method, there is no heat, glue sewing, or braiding involved. The nano rings hair extensions are very undetectable as they are tiny and can be applied higher up on the head if necessary. They are perfect for most hair types unless your hair is very silky, oily or naturally straight as they can slide off. They are especially suited for fine or thin hair and light blonde hair. The extensions need to be fully removed and re-fitted after two to three months of wearing but the hair can be re-used again.

Clients want their hair extensions to be undetectable, that is why nano ring hair extensions are the ideal choice. They are 90% smaller than micro rings and are very unlikely to be seen. Almost invisible to even the client’s eye, these extensions offer a natural look and a lot of freedom when it comes to styling your hair. Our clients are able to enjoy longer and fuller looking hair without worrying about the bonds being detected.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are small circular metal bonds with a silicone insert that hold the hair extensions in place. Nano ring extensions are the same minus the silicon insert; however, they are 90% smaller in size making them the most discreet and undetectable option.

All of our nanorings come in a wide range of colours which means we can match them to blend with your hair. By colour matching the nano ring to your hair, it makes it harder to spot them in the roots, therefore making them less detectable.

If fitted by an expert technician, your extensions should not just all fall out. It is normal to lose some during the time you have them in using the ring methods as they are not bonded or sewn in. However, Nano ring hair extensions when applied correctly are still very secure as they fitted using a strand by strand method.

We always recommend during your consultation that you make sure your hair is clean on the day of the fitting. The reason for this is if your hair is slightly greasy or is oily then the nano rings can’t grip well to your natural hair, making them more prone to slipping.

Many of our clients who have finer hair usually always go for our nano ring hair extensions. They are less noticeable and lighter shades of hair can hide the extensions much better than any other option. Another great aspect of nano ring hair extensions is that even with fine hair you can still tie your it up and they should not be visible.

A question we get asked a lot by our clients is whether the nano rings will slip due to being much smaller than micro rings. So yes they can slip more because they do not have the silicon lining like micro rings. However, if you take the right aftercare, your extensions should not slide. You may find the occasional one or two become a little loose over time or come out, but they can be refitted at your next appointment. We will discuss all of your aftercare options in your consultation and during your fitting appointment. This will allow us to know the best ways of getting the most out of your hair extensions.

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